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home humidifier problemsThroughout the chilly winter months, you might notice the air inside your home seems much drier than normal as your furnace constantly works to keep everyone warm and cozy. This dry air can lead to a variety of problems, like itchy, dry skin, irritated sinuses and more instances of the flu or common cold in your household. The good news is that having a furnace is equipped with a humidifier can help keep the relative humidity levels constant, closer to the recommended 30 to 50 percent.

Home Humidifier Problems – and How to Fix Them

If your humidifier isn’t working properly, you’ll probably notice right away. When in doubt, it’s always better to call in the professionals to take a look, but here are five of the most common home humidifier problems and some troubleshooting tips to keep in mind:

  1. The humidifier is noisy. If your home humidifier is making more noise lately, it could be the fan motor bearings. Consult the manual for proper care and lubricate the bearings. Or, you might need to replace it altogether. It’s normal, however, to hear some water sloshing around or to hear the fan spinning as the humidifier works.
  2. A leaky home humidifier. First, check for the source of the leak. The humidifier is connected to your home’s water supply, so inspect all the connections to make sure all the tubes, valves and hoses are attached tightly. The plastic hoses can break down over time, so see if any components need replaced. Disconnect the power and check the reservoir, too, emptying it if necessary.
  3. The humidifier isn’t working effectively. If your home humidifier isn’t increasing the relative humidity levels to that recommended 30 to 50 percent, it’s possible it’s not the right size for your home. First, consult the manual for the specifications. If that’s not the problem, make sure all the doors and windows in your home are tightly closed, as well as the fireplace damper if you have one. Also, check to see if there’s anything blocking the humidifier, like drapery. You can also try disconnecting the power and cleaning the unit according to the manual.
  4. There’s a strange odor coming from the humidifier. This could be a sign that the water in the reservoir tank has become stagnant or is growing mildew. Unplug the unit and empty the reservoir, then give it a thorough cleaning. Avoid using household cleaners and instead use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean the reservoir and filter.
  5. Your home humidifier won’t turn on. This type of problem is usually due to the power source or faulty controls. First, check the power source to see if it’s working properly, including the circuit breaker. Or, it may be an issue with the humidistat, the humidifier’s main control feature. Check the setting on the humidistat, as if it is set too low, the humidifier won’t turn on. Adjust it as needed; you’ll have to wait a few hours for it to respond to the changing humidity.

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